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Making of a Star Raider

U Mumba physiotherapist hails Shabeer Bapu's mental strength

Shabeer Bapu U Mumba pro kabaddi

U Mumba’s Shabeer Bapu (R) with captain Anup Kumar during a match

Swapnil Mate is hard pressed for time. He needs to ensure his players are in peak condition, prior to and throughout the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League. Swapnil is U Mumba’s official team physiotherapist. Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda, he talks about working closely with Shabeer Bapu and offers insights on the raiders amazing form this season. 

“Kabaddi is a contact sport. There is a lot of contact injury not only during games, but also when we practice. The sport is played on a mat turf. So there is no ground reaction force happening. Majority of the players deal with joint problems, ankle problems, ligament trouble and muscle pulls,” he shared his valuable advice. 

According to him Shabeer Bapu is one of the best raiders in the tournament. But not many know that U Mumba’s star raider was carrying a forearm fracture injury. Swapnil played a vital role in ensuring that Shabeer maintains his form despite the Keralite not being 100% fit.

Swapnil shared this astonishing fact, “We had three months to complete Shabeer’s rehabilitation. He is only 70% physically fit, yet is always one of the best players for our team.” 

He attributes those good performances to the raider’s mental strength. “Mentally, Shabeer is 100% fit. The mental aspect plays a very important role. Every single opponent knows that, although he may not be fully fit, he will continue to play at a very high level,” he revealed.

This is testament to the players’ immaculate skill and technique.

Shabeer’s game has been altered

“We also carried out a mental conditioning program with the players. We tweaked the way Shabeer lands during every raid. Being a left hander, he has a tendency to put his entire weights body on one side. So we created a custom made brace to protect his hand from all angles. This brace wasn’t available in the market,” he shared Shabeer’s special training.

One only has to look at Shabeer’s videos to notice the change in his game play. The coaching staff has modified the way he lands on the ground. Previously, he used to land on his wrist which resulted in enormous pressure on his body. Over time he has perfected the roll over where he lands on his shoulders. According to Swapnil, Shabeer is an extremely quick learner.

He expressed, “The main point is that Shabeer grasped the ‘roll over’ technique very quickly and effectively. This helps him stay away from his fractured side. It also helps him win quick points during the raids. He has worked on his core a lot. If you’re core is strong, you can roll your body any way with relative ease.”

So the next time you see Shabeer making another successful raid, you know the man largely responsible for it is Swapnil Mate and his team


Gagan Narang - London Olympics Medallist: Indian Express article

Top Gun Gagan

Indian Express Tuesday , Jul 31, 2012 at 0155 hrs IST

Indian shooter Gagan Narang reacts after winning the 10m air rifle bronze in London on Monday. 	PTI
Indian shooter Gagan Narang reacts after winning the 10m air rifle bronze in London on Monday. PTI
For close to four days, Stanislav Lapidus lay on a hospital bed, 40 km away from the Games Village, feverish and shivering with his blood tests proving inconclusive on the precise cause of his illness that had kept him away from his favourite shooting disciple, Gagan Narang. On Sunday night, he demanded that he be discharged and allowed to watch his ward in action.

In order to speed up his recovery, he’d agreed to stand under a freezing shower for an hour each day — this in chilly London. Lapidus’s timely return was to prove crucial as he helped Narang recover from a potentially slippery position when he shot two 9s in the third series, and might have blundered were it not for his coach’s stern presence.

Perhaps the toughest job from among his support staff fell on Swapnil Mate, Narang’s physio. A man known to love food, and not someone who’d wake up at 4 am and go for a pleasant jog, Mate was dealing with an athlete who adored eating, and coaxed others to join in. “Very early, I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t stop him from eating anything he likes. It was my job to get him to exercise only. And I’d goad him to do that,” smiles the relieved trainer.

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Star Raider - Nitin Tomar - Bengal Warriors: Semifinalist Season 3 Prokabaddi

Bengal Warriors - Star raider NITIN TOMAR with Dr. Swapnil Mate during his rehabilitation session in Star Sports Pro Kabaddi

Elite MDFA

Postural Correction - Physiotherapy clinical 

Postural Correction with THERABAND Station Exercises with corrective technique

Keval, age 25 was referred for postural correction at sportzhpe in month of November 2015, by renowned orthopaedic surgeon in Santacruz, mumbai  for postural correction. A known case of koch's Spine, keval always had aches and pain in his postural muscles and had an difficulty to do his activity of daily living. 

@sportzHPE, Dr. Swapnil, evaluated his posture and form a exercise protocol focusing of his muscles which were weak overtime and started his strengthening exercises with Theraband - a kind of resistance elastic band and progressed to weight training. 


Patellofemoral arthritis - fat pad syndrome

Sportz hpe gets major incidence of patients from aged 25 - 55 years suffering from major orthopaedic condition known as Patello femoral arthritis / fat pad impingement syndrome,  seen in females compared to males. It is due to mechanical dysfunction of the knee (Patelo femoral) joint causing imbalance in muscle and movement dysfunction of patella leading to fat pad impingement

At Sportz HPE we assess your complete knee with brief clinical history and perform some clinical test to evaluate the condition and opt for the best recovery option for your knee. Dr Swapnil has his unique protocol designed for Knee Rehabilitation which offers you faster pain relief and recovery

result after dry needling shows effective reduction in swelling under patella and correcting the patella shift.

Other Case studies

Second image is post her 12 session of Dry Needling