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Corporate Sportz


At SPORTZ HPE  - Our Sports Management Professional's endeavour with our corporate clients unhidden talent towards Sports. 

We promotes team spirit, fitness and fun through healthy competition. The balance of work and play is important to both the employee and employer. Participating in fun sporting activities can reduce stress levels while increasing one’s physical fitness.

The bottom line is happy and healthy employees results in decreased absenteeism, turnover and illnesses and increased camaraderie, production and profits.

Extraordinary team building challenges that require people to explore creative solutions practice and improve working as a team – in a fun spirited atmosphere.  The Corporate Sports Co organizes corporate games in various cities around Asia, Middle East region and India in particular offering the widest range of team building activities, and facilitating options. 



These are championships which determine the Champions in various sports. These are events which are very well respected in industry and the corporate executives look forward to participating in them.


When you need to stay in touch with your clients and are in search of idea’s to achieve this objective, then sports is your answer. Rather than a mundane dinner or cocktail or a boring brunch which would be forgotten almost in a jiffy, sports is the ideal and informal platform for you to achieve your object of getting closer to your clients. Right from the time of conceiving the event to suit your specific needs and requirements, organizing a suitable venue, the catering aspect, the playing kit, the trophies, the officials and many other intricate point which you cannot even imagine), it is our responsibility and headache.


It is always every HR Managers biggest headache to ensure that they keep their GREATEST ASSET – Their EMPLOYEES in good cheer. Sport is the most appropriate prescription for them to do so. A game of cricket or soccer or bowling breaks all these barriers which exist at various levels in the organization under one roof. It is a terrific bonding exercise and it acts as a great leveler. So an in-house sports championship or a group championship (whereby different companies in a particular group compete with each other) provides them a better platform to understand each other better.

Sports serve as a great bonding exercise and develop team work. 

  • Develops great camaraderie and acts as a great leveler.
  • Opportunity to network with your clients in a relaxed environment.
  • Stress free forum away from pressures of workplace in a relaxed environment.
  • Sports Events act as a platform which provides a great carnival atmosphere which encourages office colleagues and family members to accompany the players to the venue.
  • A sport is a great leveler and a motivational tool.
  • Identify qualities of your employee which were not known in office.
  • Energizes the organisation and starts the process for them to start selections, training sessions, etc which leads to better harmony within the organisation.

  • Championships open only to amateur participants and professionals are not permitted (No state level or India players permitted) which ensures level playing fields.
  • Strict screening to ensure that companies who employ professionals sportsmen do not participate.
  • Championship formats structured with a view to ensure that the games are fun and enjoyable.
  • Quality venues and locations.
  • Only weekend events with great flexibility to ensure that working schedules are not interrupted.
  • Impressive track record of execution and continuity.
  • We deliver more than we promise.
  • Responsive to the needs and requirements of the clients.
  • Gear is provided so companies need not invest in the same.