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Dr. Swapnil Mate (physical therapy and travel blogger)

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 HPE Physio @ Rio Olympics 2016 @ HPE UK Healthcare

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SPORTZ HPE  was founded in 2012, and we are now one of the leading Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Management agencies in India by Dr. Swapnil Mate.

We are passionate and believe in the power of sport to inspire, engage, and deliver positive results. It is our mission to work with rights holders, athletes and brands to create and manage effective and mutually beneficial relationships in the world of sports sponsorship.

Following the successful London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, sport has been dominating the headlines. Team INDIA fantastic performance in London has seen interest from the public, media and the business world elevated to another level.

For businesses who were inspired by those performances in London but have yet to decide how to tap into the emotions, sports sponsorship is a great way to gain cost-effective awareness whilst providing unique opportunities to engage with a specifically defined audience.

Please feel free to contact our team to discover ways we can work together. 

Services - Physiotherapy Clinics, Physiotherapy Centers, Pain Management, Pain Control clinic, Sports Massage center in Mumbai, Pune and Surat.